Today the rock “kitchen” is on FIRE & the massive Skillet fan base that call themselves “Panheads” are fanning the flames in anticipation of this release. “Unleashed” dropped in August 2016 and brought hits like “Feel Invincible”, “Burn It Down”, & “The Resistance”. “Unleashed Beyond” comes out November 17, 2018 and includes all 12 of the songs on the original with some extra “spice”(5 new tracks and 3 remixes).
A little about the new tracks…
“Stay Til The Daylight” is a beautiful ballad with Korey Cooper shining on keyboards. The main message of letting the past go and having the faith and courage to wait for the daylight is beautiful.
“Brave” takes us back to church and reminds us that as hard as Skillet rocks, they’re a Christian band with a message to spread. This song is a contemporary praise & worship song with drummer Jen Ledger backing John Cooper up in his summoning everyone to be courageous in a world full of fear.
“You Get Me High” isn’t about the legalization of medical herbs. It’s an upbeat anthem of having faith in a higher power. Seth Morrison and his heavy guitar riffs shine on this tune.
“Set It Off” is like the call to action from the previous albums song “The Resistance”. It has a pounding beat and lyric that I can imagine Panheads chanting at a show.
“Breaking Free” has John leading the charge. Jen’s airy angelic tones are added. Then, pushing 3-part harmony to a new higher platform…former Flyleaf front woman Lacey Sturm’s voice blends. “Breaking Free” goes from sweet lyrics to peaks with raspy growls. This is sure to be a hit single!
There are also THREE bonus remixes of “Feel Invincible”, “The Resistance”, & “Stars”. They have been re-vamped with a vengence. 
Skillet will be back on the Winter Jam tour Spectacular next year. It will mark Jen’s 10th anniversary with the band. The last time they were on Winter Jam they wrote “Stars” & “Lions”. I look forward to what songs are inspired by this tour. “Unleashed Beyond” has something for everyone from new fans to Panheads. It is a great album to listen to for a renewal of faith & courage in a crazy world that we live in today.
Be sure to check out the Winter Jam tour dates when you grab your copy of “Unleashed Beyond” today where ever you get your music fix.


Album Review By Tara Williams aka Pit Princess

Photos By Eric Callaway for PlayitLoud Media Group