Sabaton and Kreator LIVE At The Ritz- Photo Review- 3/8/18

The Sabaton and Kreator tour has been making its mark across North America. Packing loads of people into each venue every day of the week. With neither of these bands being from America, fans are always greatful to still be able to see their favorite bands so far from their home. 

It wasn’t a typical Thursday night for The Ritz Raleigh NC. That night they had the Swedish metal band Sabaton play their venue for the first time to an impressively packed house. For those not to familiar with Sabaton their lyrics are based on historical battles and acts of heroism. And their stage presence and vibe is just pure energy. Their songs let alone their live act is nothing short of pure positive metal. Most people assume metal is all dark, satanic and gloom. But Sabaton’s music, their lyrics are uplifting. Their stage performance is filled with energy and the heads don’t stop banging. For a Thursday night, Joakim Broden even made notice of the size of the crowd and complimented them for showing up as he was grinning happily.

Sabaton started their show opening with “Ghost Division” from their 2010 release “The Art of War (Re-armed)” and the crowd went wild immediately. Followed by songs like “Cliffs Of Gallipoli“, “Carolus Rex“, “Resist And Bite” and many more. When they got to the 11th song of the nigh, Joakim took to the crowd to see what they wanted to hear most: “Into The Fire” or “White Death”. After a quick pole of screams it seems “White Death” took the lead the band went on to play that song. The music and presence Sabaton brings to the stage every single performance, is something no metalhead should miss. It is very easy to keep up with Sabaton with their blogs found on their Facebook, and their live streams. So finding a show near you is a must! 

Opening up for the Swedish metal band Sabaton this Thursday was the German metal band Kreator! They put on one hell of a show. The crowd was at the tips of their toes anxious for Kreator to take the stage. The crowd was moving and the pits were circling instantly as Kreator opened up their set with the title tract off their 2012 album “Phantom Antichrist”.  

Their music is heavy and dark with absurd amounts of energy that the crowd definitely fed off of. With their show at The Ritz Theatre being one of the last few dates on their US Tour before they head off to Austria and judging from the energy they still have on stage after performing night after night on nearly a full tour, I must say everyone needs to catch a Kreator set live. Miland “Mille” vocals growled like a demon as Sami guitars completed it. Jurgen “Ventor” was a beast on the drums. They nailed songs like “Satan Is Real” and “Totalitarian Terror” off their most recent 2017 album “Gods Of Violence“, “Phobia” off their album dating all the way back to 1997 “Outcast” and many more. A killer setlist by Kreator, some tunes for old Kreator and tunes for new Kreator fans. It was like a roller coaster of Kreator! If you want to see a hard hitting metal band, Kreator is the band to go see. So don’t miss them when they come to your town!

Photos By: Graham Denzler


Mille Petrozza – Vocals / Guitar
Sami Yli-Sirniö – Guitar
Christian Giesler – Bass
Ventor – Drums

Hannes Van Dahl – Drums
Joakim Brodén – Lead Vocals
Pär Sundström – Bass
Tommy Johansson – Lead Guitar
Chris Rörland – Lead Guitar