Boston art scholar Spider One decided to put his painting career on hold to pursue the local live music scene. They say when one door closes another opens and this holds true for his creative mind. Powerman 5000 was formed and has been in the rock scene steadily since 1994 with their first album “True Force”. This band has had it’s share of line up changes over the decades. The current mix of Spider One on vocals, Murv Douglass on bass, Ty Oliver on guitar, Ryan Hernandezon guitar, & DJ Rattan on drums seems to finally be the perfect mix of musicians colliding as demonstrated by the latest album “New Wave”.


2017 has been a red letter year for this band from Spider One’s Art Exhibits to bringing out Rob Zombie to share in a Zombieman 5000 version of the White Zombie hit “Thunder Kiss ’65” to the release of “New Wave” on Pavement Entertainment. Listening to “David Fucking Bowie” makes you want to dance and you can imagine Bowie with fists in the air rocking out to the pounding beats of ” Sid Vicious in a Dress”. The track “Footsteps and Voices” transport you back to the early days of Powerman 5000 with all of the punk, metal, grunge influences. “Cult Leader” starts with chants lead by Spider One like the pied piper. “Get a Life” is another stand out on the album with heavy hitting drums and a guitar battle. Over all “New Wave” gives Powerman 5000 fans what they love about the band and at the same time has elements that will suck new listeners under the current.
The decades have been kind to legendary band Powerman 5000 with a huge fan base and an massive library of tunes from their eleven albums. They have a sound that defies the norm and mashes metal, punk, grunge, & rap. The song “Worlds Collide” will always be a standout song when you think of this band. The previous releases have been just a warm up to this new album. “New Wave” is aptly titled and will satisfy the long term fans and scoop up new ones with the new waves of pounding beats & catchy lyrics. 
Review by Tara Williams aka Pit Princess for PlayitLoud Media Group
Spider One – Vocals 
Ty Oliver – Guitar 
Ryan Hernandez – Guitar
Murv Douglas – Bass
Dj Rattan – Drums