The sea of black shirts and lipstick wearing fans of Motionless In White stretched down the street, around the corner, & further down than I have seen. Everyone in line at Promo West’s Express Live was hoping to get on the “Graveyard Shift” & came out in packs. It was a constant motion of crowd surfers that went like the tides. Low tide was a steady stream of bodies surfing to the front during Like Moths To Flames, Ice Nine Kills, & Every Time I Die. You knew it was high tide when the number of security guards tripled in the front and the surfers gave the one hell of a work out. The crowd was definatley NEVER “motionless” at this show!
Columbus is city that rocks! It is home to many great rock bands like Beartooth, Twenty One Pilots, & Starset (who is coming “home” next week). The night opened up with hometown boys Like Moths To Flames. You can not describe the extra excitement in the air when a band plays in their hometown. Their merch table was packed all night long. It was a nice homecoming for this metalcore band that was established here in 2010. Like Moths To Flames started the evening with the sweet blend of harmonies that morphed into fist pounding screams of “New Plagues”. “Nowhere Left To Sink” was a sing-long song with a spotlight on killer bass lines. The Columbus born Like Moths To Flames left the stage with “Bury Your Pain”…fitting for the “Graveyard Tour”.
Ice Nine Kills is a thought provoking band from Boston, MA. “Hell in the Hallways” was their opening song & tale about a current problem with no solution…bullying. It has a nice video you should check out depicting an ostracized turned  modern day psychotic prom queen. Ice Nine Kills has a way with words via story telling songs and can scream to the heavens. This band has a refreshing way of blending screamo, great play on words, & a deeper message like “Have A Nice Slay” & saying goodnight with “The Plot Sickens”.
Buffalo, NY rockers Every Time I Die held the spot next with their metal mixed with hints of old Southern rock. They have been punching crowds in the face with their music & eight albums since 1998. This band is a mixture of everything that is rock, metal, twang, & scream. Just when you think you have their “style” ready to label the song changes and you are left scratching your head. Every Time I Die had the crowd moving like it was almost high tide and 5:00 somewhere. “It Remembers”, “Thirst”, “The Coin Has A Say”, & “Map Change” were crowd favorites. They left us with “Fear and Trembling” knowing Motionless In White were up next!
Express Live went dark with an arm sticking out between the curtains egging on the crowd. The curtains dropped and The Graveyard Shift stage was ready to begin. An old haunted house backdrop with dueling giant angels posted at each side and a bouquet of twisted roses hung upside down from the mic stand. It was “high tide” and the surfing was damn good! Motionless In White is a theatrical metalcore band but the crowd was in constant motion from the first note of “Rats” until the end of the encore. They are another dynamic band from the Rust Belt that have been hitting the road since 2005 when they won their spot on the Ernie Ball stage at Warped Tour. They even pay homage to their hometown of Scranton, PA with “570” which is the area code. 
Motionless In White have toured with acts like Marilyn Manson, Korn, & Slipknot holding their own. These guys have played most of the huge US festivals like Aftershock, Rock Allegiance, & our home town Rock On The Range. “Graveyard Shift” came out in 2006 with a new focus on vocals and their 1st true love song called “Eternally Yours” featuring Jonathan Davis from Korn. They have 2 outstanding videos “Necessary Evil”  and ” Rats” that focus on the bands theatrical and musical side.  They treated fans to some “oldies but goodies” like “Reincarnate”, “Dead As Fuck”, “Abigail”, & “AMERICA”. The latest album “The Graveyard Shift” was also taste tested & crowd approved. Look for them on tour now & they will also be playing a 4th time on the final Warped Tour this Summer.   
Chris Motionless [Vocals]
Ricky Horror [Guitar]
Ryan Sitkowski [Guitar] 
Devin “Ghost” Sola [Bass]
Vinny Mauro [Drums] 
Keith Buckley – Vocals 
Andrew Williams – Guitar 
Jordan Buckley – Guitar
Steve Micciche – Bass Guitar
Daniel Davison – Drums 
Spencer – Vocals, Screams 
JD – Guitar, Screams 
Conor – Drums
Justin – Bass
Chris Roetter – Vocals – @croetter 
Jeremy Smith – Guitar – @jeremyysmith
Zach Pishney – Guitar – @fishknee
Aaron Evans – Bass – @SMCAaron
Greg Diamond – Drums – @theGregDiamond