I Ya Toyah Focuses On Mental Health In Her New Music Video Farewell-Mirrors Don’t Lie

“Farewell-Mirrors Don’t Lie” Premieres

Industrial/Electro Rock artist I Ya Toyah has released the music video for her new single Farewell-Mirrors Don’t Lie.

Following the release of the second industrial electronic rock single, I Ya Toyah delivers her music video, Farewell- Mirrors Don’t Lie, in efforts to bring awareness for mental health.The video is a visual story painting the picture of mental alienation caused by dark and painful experience. Inspired by real life event the suicide of a close relative. The video shows I Ya Toyah questioning fate and realizing temporariness of things. The colorful images combined with the suspenseful music and dark lyrics present emotional imbalance of the individual oscillating on the edge of tranquillity and insanity.

Farewell-Mirrors Don’t Lie is premiering on Side-Line Magazine and can be seen HERE

Farewell-Mirrors Don’t Lie Is available on all streaming platforms now, such as Spotify
About I Ya Toyah

I Ya Toyah landed here to spread the disease of music and infect the human

I Ya Toyah is a Chicago – based DIY independent musician of Polish origin that
blends the chaos and balance with familiar vibe of industrial electronica
sound. Her music melt the smooth, cutting edge vocals, surreal guitars,
hypnotizing beats and multiple electronic synth elements into dark arrangements that, combined with storytelling lyrics, respond to the paranoia of everyday reality.

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