The Rave Eagles Club is one of the most infamous and well known venues in Wisconsin. Metal shows bring out the metalheads from all over Wisconsin and this show did just that. A Co-Headlining tour with In Hearts Wake and Fit For A King with support from Like Moths to Flames and Phinehas. The concert room was packed and a wild Sunday night.

Opening up this night of metal was 4 piece band Phinehas from Los Angeles, California. As soon as Phinehas took stage, the pits began circling. Fans screaming into vocalist Sean McCulloch’s microphone, and moshing was a site to see. Phinehas has a new album coming out November 17th, be sure to pick it up and help with first week sales! Their new song “Hell Below” has been killer!

Next to take the stage was 4 piece band Like Moths to Flames from Columbus, Ohio. When Like Moths to Flames took the stage, the crowd went berserk. From mosh pits, to crowd surfing, to stage diving. It was a wild show with such high energy. Like Moth to Flames recently released a highly meaningful album at the beginning of this month titled “Dark Devine”. They have been killing it performing new songs off that album. It’s crazy how fast fans have learned their new songs and are already singing along to them at shows!

Next to take the stage, the almighty 4 piece band Fit For a King from Dallas, Texas. Seeing a headlining set by Fit For a King is always fantastic. The amount of energy shown, especially from Bassist Ryan O’Leary with all his jumps and spin kicks is mesmerizing. Fit For a King performed many killer songs like the title track off their 2016 album “Deathgrip”, “Pissed Off” also off their album “Deathgrip” and many more. The bands energy definitely reflected on the crowd. From the immense circle pits, to crowd surfing and stage diving, it was insane. Vocalist Ryan Kirby wowed the crowd with his amazingly long scream at the end of their song “Warpath” off their album “Creation/Destruction”. You can’t help but be at a loss for words at Ryan Kirby’s vocal range. Fit For a King is a heavy in your face band live, but they also know how to take it down a few notches. Slowing it down and watching the passion Ryan Kirby had singing their song “Skin and Bones” off their album “Creation/Destruction” was incredible. Fit For a King should be on everyone’s bucket list of bands to see live!

Next to take the stage, hailing all the way from Byron Bay, Australia was 5 piece band In Hearts Wake. The crowd was wild for In Hearts Wake. Crowd surfing, stage diving, moshing and screaming their lungs out to songs along with In Hearts Wake. Recently released was a song called “Overthrow” and has a kickass music video to go along with it. Come let out some energy at a show with In Hearts Wake!

This amazing tour package is just getting started! With just 7 killer shows in, including a sold out show in Chicago and many near sold out shows, don’t miss your opportunity to see this astounding tour package near you!