Carnifex LIVE at The Forge- Photo Review- 4/26/18

The Forge in Joliet, Illinois is right up there with Chicago with the high amounts of killer metal shows. On a Thursday night The Forge welcomed the Chaos and Carnage tour. A Thursday night didn’t scare any fans away, the line was around the block waiting before doors even opened!

First to take the stage on the Chaos and Carnage tour was a 4 piece band called Buried Above Ground. This band took the stage and was there to make a long lasting impression on people. From their face paint to their stage costumes to handing out CDs to fans waiting in line. Buried Above Ground played songs off their brand new 2018 album titled “The Crown” and the reaction of fans to such a brand new album was great! Buried Above Ground is making moves and they are definitely a band to keep a look out for!

Next was 5 piece band from California, Spite! Vocalist Darius Tehrani did a great job at getting the crowd moving with his crazy stage energy. Spite opened their set with their song “Psychopath” off their 2015 self titled album and fans got pretty rowdy right off the bat as they do for every Spite set. Spite closed out their set with another track off their self titled album titled “Leeches.” Fans didn’t want this crazy high energy set to end, but everyone was stoked for what the rest of the night had in store for them.

Next to take the stage was 5 piece band from Vancouver, Archspire. This band is crazy fast and upbeat. It’s always fun to see a band having a blast and loving what they do on stage, and Archspire is one of those bands. Between cracking jokes to their lit up sign saying applause, this Archspire set was not one to miss. They played songs like “Calamus Will Animate” and many more of their 2017 album “Relentless Mutation.”

Next to take the stage was 6 piece band from Los Angeles, Winds Of Plague! Band member Adrienne Cowan is fairly new to Winds Of Plague and she is definitely a brilliant fit. This talented girl has a stunning vocal range and is also great on the keys. Adrienne is also the vocalist of Boston, Massachusetts band Seven Spires so be sure to check them out! This was a special year for Winds Of Plague as it is the 10 year anniversary of their 2008 album “Decimate The Weak.” Of course fans wanted to hear some tracks off that album, so Winds Of Plague played the title track off that album and closed out their set with “The Impaler” off their album “Decimate The Weak.”

Next to conquer the stage was 4 piece band from good ole Chicago, Oceano! Being so close to their home town, Joliet is where it all started for vocalist Adam Warren and fans were definitely there to show Oceano some love. Oceano opened their set with their song “The Taken” off their 2015 album “Ascendents.” I think everyone can agree that vocalist Adam Warren has some of the most brutal vocals and is fantastic at getting the crowd to move. Fans went hard for Oceano to show them the love they deserve in their hometown state. So hard some fans even got a little bloody in the pit. Oceano closed out their set with their song “Dawn Of Descent” also off their 2015 album “Ascendents.” Fans were chanting for one more song as Oceano exited the stage because a 10 song set wasn’t enough for these diehard Oceano fans! Oceano should be a bucket list band for everyone to see!

Now for the reason we are all here, representing the Chaos And Carnage tour was 5 piece band from California, the almighty Carnifex! Fans were at the tips of their toes waiting anxiously as Carnifex took the stage. Opening their set was their song “Drown Me In Blood” off their 2016 album “Slow Death.” Instantly the pits were circling as vocalist Scott Ian Lewis is the master of getting the old school death metal pits started.

Carnifex always has something new to offer their fans from new stage props, to stage actors to songs off many of their albums. This Thursday night was a roller coaster of Carnifex. They played songs like “Slow Death” And “Black Candles Burning” off their 2016 album “Slow Death” And fans are still loving that album. They also played songs like “Dark Days” and “Hatred and Slaughter” off their 2014 album “Die Without Hope.” Since Carnifex was headlining they had the ability to play more tracks off more albums like 2010 album “Hell Chose Me,” 2008 album “The Diseased And The Poisoned” And 2011 album “Until I Feel Nothing.” It was already an incredible set by Carnifex, and to throw in a little surprise they busted out a killer cover of “Angel Of Death” by the infamous Slayer. After a 12 song set, fans hadn’t had enough yet and were chanting for one more song! Carnifex closed out their grand set with their song “Lie To My Face” off their 2007 album “Dead In My Arms.” If you have not seen Carnifex before, you are missing out. This is a must see band for every metalhead!

There is still a small amount of dates left on the Chaos and Carnage tour, so don’t sleep on finding a date near you! You will not be disappointed. An incredible 6 band lineup is something you can’t miss out on!


Photos And Review By: Mariah Berg



Vocals: Scott Ian Lewis

Drums: Shawn Cameron

Guitars: Cory Arford

Guitars: Jordan Lockrey

Bass: Fred Calderon






Winds Of Plague








Buried Above Ground