Ladies & Gentlemen step right up! Come one come all to see the most extraordinary display of twisted metal and where all freaks are not only celebrated but they’re spotlighted. The King & Avatar packed PromoWest’s Express Live venue Saturday night for the very first night of their American tour. The night brought sub-zero temps outside while inside it was an inferno.
The Govna Bryce Graves served as the ringmaster and fire starter for the circus sideshow revue called HellzaPoppin. Graves set the stage on fire…literally then proceeded to ignite sticks of fire, swallow, & breath the flames through the air. Columbus native Short E. Dangerously drove out in a toy car then showed the crowd what a handful this half-man daredevil could do on two hands. Ryan Stock did death defying stunts like sword & electric drill swallowing. He also showed the crowd feats of mind over matter with hooks attached to his eyelids and piercings. He added three cow bells then topped them off with a bowling ball that he swung to & fro. The final sideshow act was the illusionist Dan Sperry with his many doves. The crowd was amazed when his dove multiplied, disappeared, reappeared, & even flew out over the crowd returning to the arm of Sperry. HellzaPoppin was a rare treat & perfect start to this night.
The band The Brains were new to me but, quickly grabbed my attention. For three Canadian guys they sure can make some noise! Muerte has a smoothe rockabilly voice with a hint of jump jiving. The tempo that Phil kept on his drum kit proved his nickname “The Beast”. Colin the Dead came out lugging a giant double bass that looked like he was ready for a night with the orchestra. He quickly thumped that thing and made it rock. The Brains were very entertaining to watch & pushed their tools to their limits.
A huge banner dropped over the edge of the stage signifying that the King was on his way. The crowd chanted Avatar!! The banner dropped and The King wearing his crown and guitar was perched high in the air for all to see. They introduced Columbus to several new tunes like “Glory To Our King” & “Legend of the King” off of their January 12th release of their 7th CD “Avatar Country”. The King came down from his royal throne as the crowd paid their respects. Then Johannes the ring master of this freak show band led the “state” into fan favorites like “Let It Burn”, “Puppet Show”, “The Eagle Has Landed”, & a rare treat of “War Song” which they had not played live since 2008. The band from Sweden played for an hour and a half tossing new, old, & doing all of the twisted metal freak show things fans feed off of. Be sure to find a tour date near you & grab the new album “Avatar Country” on 1/12/18.
Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström – Vocals
John Alfredsson – Drums
Kungen – Guitars
Tim Öhrström – Guitars
Henrik Sandelin – Bass
Rene D La Muerte : Guitar and Vocals 
Colin the Dead : Double Bass 
Phil The Beast : Drums