P!NK Amway Center Orlando FL – Photo review

Its not usually a genre we cover but then again, what exactly IS P!NK’s genre? She has an amazing ability to appeal to a mass market of fans regardless of what their ‘norm’ may be. She is what I referred to prior to last night as my “guilty” pleasure. Guess what? If you are NOT a fan, you are the one who would be considered guilty. Guilty of being a damn fool!

P!NK has a legendary discography that spans the test of time and is ageless. Opening the set at The Amway Center in downtown Orlando FL to a completely sold out crowd, P!NK started off swinging from the chandelier high above the crowd of 20 thousand plus with her rendition of “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake and transitioned flawlessly to “Let’s Get This Party Started” which ultimately was the level the party they disguised as a concert settled in to become. Up next was the beautiful title track from her newest album, “Beautiful Trauma”. Other favorites, the ENTIRE show, but to keep it abbreviated included “Revenge” with a special video interlude which was quite touching and added to the P!NK experience, a Nirvana cover of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Raise Your Glass” and the encore to end the show you just didn’t want to end, “So What” and “Glitter In The Air”.

P!nk kept up the energy for an entire two hour performance that had her strapped in and flying high above the crowd as she not only delivered an incredible performance of her vocal abilities, but her ability to capture a crowd with her skills as an artist and performer. Everything from the performance to production to choreography was spot on and a true treat for fans old and new. Be sure to check out the newest CD and catch a show in YOUR town. It may just be the best money you’ve ever spent.